Bioelectrical Tuina / Medical Massage

Bio-Electric Energy to stimulate the body meridians

Bioelectrical Tuina[Tu-E-Nah] is a transdermal medicine using a electricity delivery system, a new technology from China, created in 1986. 9V bioelectricity delivers Medicine(herbs in the cream, oils, mud, or Chinese herbal medicine forms so on) with skin permeability 70-80% whilst normal delivery on regular topical or even digestive absorption is about 20%. This machines and cream delivers bioelectricity and alkaline base herb through acupuncture channels and muscle to resolve such toxins, inflammations, blood stasis and stagnations. Also deliver electrons to nourish Acupuncture channels or disperse excess channels(Sick and inflamed) in the body.

 How Bio-Electrical Acupressure Therapy Works

The ultimate function is to adjust the body fluid’s Acid – Base(alkaline) balance. To reach an acid-base balance in our body should lower inflammation(reduce pain and tension), improve voltage in cellular level, therefore, it regenerates more new cells to maintain health. According to Healing is voltage by Dr. Tannent MD. LAc, balanced cellular voltage is ultimately the way to prevent Dis-Eases even to Phlegm, Qi and Blood stasis(Often it appears in body as cancer: This treatment never intended to treat cancer or promise treatment of any diseases)

Every cell of the body is biologically charged, bioelectricity can always be changing, the charge of normal cells(More electrons), sub-heathy cells(Less electrons, More Plus charges and Acidic fluid and sick cells(very low voltage before 20mV)are all different voltage . You Think about what Qi(Electrical Charges through out body and cells) is, Yin(Negative charges) and Yang(Positive charges) is, you know the cellular voltage means.

More About Bio-Electrical Tuina

The machine we use for bioelectrical Tuina is DDS(Direct detoxification System) that does The acid-base balance by osmosis of the essential oil and alfalfa (DDS Creams/Oils) is delivered by the 9V electricity into the body. It is absorbed directly into the specific area/channels, pulls the acid out of the body, balance electrical charges in the muscle and channel (or even acupuncture points) to promote healthy balance.this machines is approved by CE(conformity Eruopenne”European conformity certified)

What does Bioelectrical Tuina do for body?

  1. Energize body by normalize cellular voltage(45-55mV, mili- voltage)
  2.  Fast pain Relief by discharging acid(damp/cold,lower inflammation, moving blood, open stagnant channels)
  3.  Activate acupuncture channels, move stagnations.
  4. Detox
  5.  Reduce nerve pain by improving Blood, nerve and lymphatic circulation
  6.  General well-being
  7.  Skin rejuvenation by electrical Facial lifting and more

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