Herbal Medicine

Traditional herbal medicine and nutritional supplements

The earliest evidence of Chinese herbs being
used for medicinal purpose dates back to
1066.B.C. For over 3,000 years the Chinese have
integrated herbal remedies into their daily lives
to many chronic and acute conditions or to
preserve health and vitality. Through countless
years, herbs have been recorded and passed
along, leading to Chinese Herbal Medicine as it
is practiced today.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbs work synergistically with
acupuncture for more comprehensive therapy. Together, they promote energetic balance and improve the effectiveness of acupuncture, giving quicker and more lasting results. Herbs are taken daily to supplement between acupuncture treatments. Herbal therapy may also stand alone when acupuncture is not necessary, or to maintain balance and vitality.

Nutritional Supplements

Herbal therapy is tailored to your individual condition, modified to keep up with your progress and ever changing physical condition. We prescribe high quality prepared herbs in powder or pill form that is convenient and effective.

Looking for a Dr.Tan style balance method acupuncturist?

Dr.Eurie Kazlaskia is a The Academy of Acupuncture Certified Balance Method Acupuncturist

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