What is Biofeedback?

The feedback of biological information of the individual’s biology to the individual and biofeedback practitioner. Biofeedback therapy, both traditional and neo biofeedback is a part of a major healthcare practice that is called Bio Energetic Medicine. Our Clinic is a member of the IBEM institute medicine wheel society (the first educational institution to offer a doctorate in Bioenergetic Medicine(BD) in U.S)

How Biofeedback Works

Bioresonance therapy and Bioplasm Technology(Neo-biofeedback) uses the strategic placement of magnetic inductors on the surface of the head. Electromagnetic signals are transmitted through the headphones in order to clear blockages in the body’s natural flow of energy. Several sessions are necessary. Multiple sessions are used as the first couple of sessions are used to create a diagnosis of the degree of blockage associated with the patient’s illness. Computer hookups record data as the electrodes administer the treatments.

More About Biofeedback

For many centuries proven natural healing methods, like acupuncture, homeopathy and healing with plants, have used this principle with great success. META-therapy builds upon this foundation, but in a totally new synthesis utilizing modern computer technology and electronics. This makes it possible always to find the right frequencies, which are specifically tailored towards the patient and which are most effective for the treatment. The therapy system transmits this information from the computer to the body in exactly determined amounts and activates self-healing and the elimination of toxins.


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