How Bio-Electrical Acupressure Therapy Works

The result of the penetration of Bio-Electric Energy in our body is to stimulate the body meridians, causing excitement to peripheral nerve fibers. The impulse of current spreads to the central nervous system neutrons endorphins, the brain releases endorphins to provide the analgesic effects to relieve our pain. Thus sufferers can feel an instant relief of his/her pain naturally. It also helps in bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect healing us from within. Apart from having a large amount of water in our body, there are many conductive electrolyte and micro electrolytes present as well. Water constitutes to a large portion (about 60-70%) of our body system for all organs to function well. Water therefore acts as a base to conduct electricity within the body proves that human body has the capability to conduct current since water is a good conductor of electricity.

More About Bio-Electrical Acupressure Therapy

The Meridian is the path of our blood channel which transports blood to various parts of the human body. It is also a channel that communicates and exchange energy between our body. It is an important channel to transmit information, via bio-electric pathways within our body system, defending and guarding the body from external harm.  With regular application of Bio-Electric Acupressure Therapy, molecular cells are being re-arranged. This re-arrangement constitutes a change of these molecular cells from inconsistent arrangement to a more organized way of working inside our bodies.

Bio-Electrical Acupressure Therapy is effective for:

  • Clearing the blockages of the meridians
  • Promote Blood circulation
  • Activate Nerve and Muscle tissue
  • Regulate Digestive system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Detoxification


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